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About Me

About Me

Who am I? Well, the most deep thing you can say about me that I am a bored student living in Iowa with nothing better to do than post memes on a blog made from scratch. So really, we have the two most boring things already: Student, and Iowa. I think we can all agree that Iowa is a pretty boring state. I'm not exactly sure if everyone thinks of their state that way, or it's just me. I never really wanted a blog until I saw the domain WillWam.com available (a school nickname).

Things I'll Be Posting

I will be posting about a lot of popular things, and share my view. This ranges from songs, movies, and books to products. Of course there might be a meme or two, but who doesn't like memes?

An Extra Note

Yes, this was a short about me page for a blog, but as said above, I'm a boring person. I have a very big passion for programming, and a card game called Magic: The Gathering, but those nerdy aspects aside, I think it's time you read some of my posts now.